Baptism Certificates

28/11/2018 - 02:43:17 pm

The required documents for petitions regarding the issuance of Birth Certificates


1. Application submitted by the parish priest for issuing a birth certificate, whereby the priest must either belong to the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem, or have acquired a special permission granted to him by the Patriarchate of the Holy City, to perform the Holy Baptism ceremony.

2. Genuine / Original certificate issued by the parish priest stating the name of the Baptized person, his/her date of birth, day and date of Baptism, and the name of the church where the Baptism ceremony was held.

3. A valid Image replica (photocopy) of the Baptized ID and/or passport.

4. A valid Image replica (photocopy) of the parents’ ID and/or passport in the event the Baptized was a minor.

5. A valid Image replica (photocopy) of the Godfather’s and/or Godmother’s ID and/or passport along with a certificate that clearly states his/her affiliation to the Orthodox Church.

6. Payment of the requested fees according to the fees list issued by the Court.



***NOTE: all the above mentioned documents should be submitted to the Court. Any petition that does not meet the requirements/conditions will be rejected, as the Court may request other documents if and when deemed necessary.