21/09/2018 - 09:47:28 am

The Required documents for petitions regarding the “ratification of judicial decision issued by other Orthodox Ecclesiastical Courts in Jordan and/or Israel”



1) Printed application of the applicant (petitioner) includes all the information about the document to be ratified and/or duly certified, number or desired copies, followed by contact information and address of the applicant (petitioner) in case of the need of any clarifications about any information.



2) In the event that the applicant was not genuine, a power of attorney at law or a certified truly original image replica duly certified, must be submitted. The ratification of the aforementioned document should not exceed three months to the date it was issued when submitted.



3) The Original duly by the assets and law certified copy of the judicial decision, and should not exceed three months to the date it was issued when submitted for ratification.



4) A valid Image replica (photocopy) of the petitioner’s ID and/or passport.



5) Payment of the requested fees according to the fees list issued by the Court.



***NOTE: all the above mentioned documents should be submitted to the Court. Any petition that does not meet the requirements/conditions will be rejected, as the Court may request other documents if and when deemed necessary.