Travel Ban Order

21/09/2018 - 09:49:02 am

The Required documents for petitions regarding the “Travel Ban Order / inhibiting the departure from the country and/or Urgent decisions”


1) Printed application of the applicant (petitioner) includes all the information about the petitioner and his relation to the individual to be travel banned/inhibited from departing the country, taking into consideration that reasons of submitting this petition must be explained clearly and mentioning the possible harm and the extent of damage to happen if the “travel ban order” for any reason were not to be issued, followed by contact information and address of the applicant (petitioner) in case of the need of any clarifications about any information.


2) A valid Image replica (photocopy) of the petitioner’s ID and/or passport.


3) A valid Image replica (photocopy) of individual to be “travel banned” ID and/or passport.


4) Submitting a duly certified copy of the marriage certificate in the event that the individual to be travel banned is a spouse (husband/wife).


5) Submitting an original birth certificate in the event that the individual to be travel banned is a minor and/or a child of the petitioner.



6) A By Notary warranty in addition to a commercial warranty, according to which the petitioner is legally bound and obligated to  bear and be held responsible for any potential damage and/or harm might occur due to the travel ban in case the petition was submitted falsely and/or in case the court crystalizes its judgment that the submitted petition is to be considered as a malicious act.


7) Payment of the requested fees according to the fees list issued by the Court.



***NOTE: all the above mentioned documents should be submitted to the Court. Any petition that does not meet the requirements/conditions will be rejected, as the Court may request other documents if and when deemed necessary.