Change of Denomination / Religion

21/09/2018 - 09:45:45 am

The Required documents for petitions regarding the “Change of religion/Denomination”


1) Printed application of the applicant (petitioner) includes all the information about the individual who desires to  change religion/denomination, followed by contact information and address of the applicant (petitioner) in case of the need of any clarifications about any information.


2) A valid Image replica (photocopy) of the petitioner’s ID and/or passport.


3) A Baptism certificate duly certified issued by the parish priest who carried the holy sacred Baptism, and/or a certificate from the parish priests stating the current religious affiliation of the petitioner.


4)  Original Marriage certificate and/or a duly certified replica copy in the event that the petitioner is “married” and/or a certificate of celibacy stating that the petitioner is “single”.



5) Payment of the requested fees according to the fees list issued by the Court.



***NOTE: after approving the submitted petition, and upon submitting a certificate issued by the parish priest - stating that the petitioner has successfully has learned all the basis, teachings and tenets of the Orthodox dogma – the court will process the petition. All the above mentioned documents should be submitted to the Court. Any petition that does not meet the requirements/conditions will be rejected, as the Court may request other documents if and when deemed necessary.