Permission of Pledging / Selling

17/09/2018 - 02:23:19 pm

The required documents for petitions regarding “Permissions of Pledging and/or Permissions of Selling”



1) Printed application of the applicant (petitioner) includes all the information about the individual of whose properties and/or estates to be Pledged and/or sold, followed by contact information and address of the applicant (petitioner) in case of the need of any clarifications about any information.



2) In the event that the applicant was not genuine, a power of attorney at law or a certified truly original image replica duly certified, must be submitted. The ratification of the aforementioned document should not exceed three months to the date it was issued when submitted.



3) A valid Image replica (photocopy) of the petitioner’s ID and/or passport.



4) Duly certified Image replica (photocopy) of the Curatorship decision and/or the Administrator of Inheritance that were issued by the Ecclesiastical Court, upon which the applicant based his petition.



5) Legal and official assessments of the estates and/or properties etc. to be sold, which must be provided by a legally evaluator certified by the Ministry of Justice.



6) Genuine / Original certificates of registry (bond certificate) duly certified of the estates to be sold and/or pledged, must be submitted to the Court, knowing that the ratification of the prior mentioned certificates should not exceed three months to the date it was issued when submitted.



7) A By Notary warranty according to which the petitioner is legally bound and obligated to bear and be held responsible for any potential damage and/or harm which might occur to the shares and/or the properties and/or the holdings and/or the possessions and/or the estates and/or money and/or funds and/or assets etc. due to the order of selling/pledging, in addition to a commercial warranty.



8) All receipts and financial statements about the expenses/dispositions regarding the “Curatorship and/or Administrator of Inheritance (director of estate)”



9) Payment of the requested fees according to the fees list issued by the Court.



***NOTE: all the above mentioned documents should be submitted to the Court. Any petition that does not meet the requirements/conditions will be rejected, as the Court may request other documents if and when deemed necessary.