The Eccl. Court of Jerusualem

17/09/2018 - 08:38:52 am

The Ecclesiastical Court of Jerusalem


has the authority and jurisdiction to resolve all disputes submitted by the Greek Orthodox parishes in the district of Jerusalem and the surroundings areas as well as the whole Palestinian Authority areas, except for Gaza strip.


Court of First Instance in Jerusalem


President: Archimandrite Niphon

Member:  Archbishop of Hierapolis Isidoros

Member:  Archimandrite Stefanos

Member:  Archimandrite Matheos



Disputes and petitions/appeals submitted before the Ecclesiastical Court of first Instance – Jerusalem are as below

1. Dissolution of betrothal
2. Local separation
3. Annulment of a marriage
4. Conjugal differences, family harmony
5. Divorce
6. Alimony, maintenance
7. Distribution of inheritance
8. Objection to the order to distribute of inheritance
9. Distribution of inheritance with resignation 
10. Amendment of decision
11. Guardianship of minors or patients
12. Custody
13. Appointment of administrator in the property of absent or dead person
14. Permission to the administrator to sell the property of absent or dead person
15. Permission to sell property of minor and/or patients and/or orphans
16. Permission to self wakf
17. Change of religion / denomination 
18. Registration, drawing up, or confirmation and/or execution of a will
19.  Recognition of marriage
20. Adoption
21. Inhibiting the departure from the country and urgent decisions
22. Dowry
23. Issuance of a certificate of marriage, betrothal, birth, baptism, non-existence of impediments to marriage and/or other similar certificates
24. Writing a letter to certain institution
25. Authentication of formal papers by the seal of the court
26. Copy of a certification of the court